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Acupuncture Los Angeles Videos for Weight Loss Back Pain Infertility Pregnancy Anxiety

Videos about Acupuncture Los Angeles for
Weight Loss,
Back Pain, Infertility, Pregnancy,  Anxiety

  • How Acupuncture works and
  • Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an energy healing form that not only is so effective for eliminating so many health conditions, but has no side effects.
Acupuncture is a very effective therapy for physical, mental, and emotional health conditions. 
An acupuncturist is more in tune with the deeper causes of health challenges, that just external symptoms. 

How Acupuncture works?

Acupuncture uses very small and thin needles that are inserted in certain energy points on the body:
Acupuncture Points

The insertion of the fine needles on the Acupuncture points, releases energy that is used for the body to heal. It also releases blockages of negative energy that hold our physical, mental, and emotional healing.

I had just 5 Acupuncture session with Dr. Yasmin Harounian and the physical, mental, and emotional benefits I got, are remarkable! 

Benefits of Acupuncture
  1. I sleep better and deeper, and as a consequence I rest better and have more energy!!!
  2. Since my physical, mental, and emotional energies are balanced now, I feel and look 10 years younger!!!
  3. I have more energies to perform at a pick performance, at work, at home, and romantically :-)
  4. My mental clarity has improved tremendously, giving me the assurance to make important business, and life decisions without failing!
  5. My intuition and creativity had also improved.
  6. My joints flexibility had improved, I'm able to touch the floor with the palm of my hands and do some very difficult hatha yoga or postures exercises.
  7. My digestive system had improved notoriously, much less stomach blotted.

Acupuncture is safe, painless, fast acting, quick results, relaxing, and inexpensive!

My 5 acupuncture sessions cost me less than a visit to an alopathic doctor plus the (poisonous) medication they prescribe, and I got MUCH MORE health benefits! without the side effects of prescription drugs!

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